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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Down t' mill

The river above saxon mill .Wild and full of potential....In my opinion!!!!

I ventured out today with the thought of giving the roach at Saxon mill a go.I have bought a new medium to light feeder rod and thought this coupled with a small cage feeader of liquidised bread would be a good start.

Unfortunatley when I arrived at the river it was a good 6 inches up ,brown and really pushing through and this was above the weir pool .

Luckily I had half a pint of reds and a small pot of red worms with me so clipped on a small black cap feeder and worm .

After half an hour my 20z carbon tip (which was well bent !!!!) in the aggressive flow sprang back and I connected with a chub of around the 1lb mark.

I sat it out for another hour but could not settle .I felt that I should be fishing a big smelly bait with heavier line etc and perhaps should be alot further upstream where the river has a lot more features.

Eventually I decided to end the day and decided to head to lanes for some lobworms then get home and make up some very smelly sausage meat based paste .I intend to return to the mill tommorrow and go right up on to the wilderness in pursuit of large chub .

The rod and line is now beefed up and I have cut my tackle load right back in readiness for the gorilla warfare of the barren meadows.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Last but not least

At last I am back amongst the flock and can compose a few words .

Due to computer problems I have not been able to post any of my adventures over the past 7/8 months.I have been out and about fishing and have been monitoring all of your exploits from my work pc .

It seems that you have all been fishing very well and that a community is well and truly forming which is fantastic .

Over the xmas holidays I will learn to podst up my pictures along with venues and dates and try and establish communication with you all .

I would also like to look in to giving the fishing points challenge thing you participate in a go.

All the best for now and a merry xmas to you all.

Barry Peck