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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bad Good Friday

After assembling some flat pack furniture and spending the early morning on the pool with a marker rod. I decided to use a break in the cold wet weather and get back down the pool for a few hours fishing.

As it happened no one else was foolish to venture out after the morning of wind rain and low temperatures.I decided to fish the back of the wind in the peg that Roger built .The peg is lovely and comfortable and once I had the brolly up i was snug and fairly confident that I was fishing correctly.

The weather worsened and the rain and wind was squalling around the pool .I knew that i was fishing in around five feet of water and over silt .I had one rod on a chod rig with and 18mm pop up anf the other on a combi rig with a double 14mm pop up .

As the day went on the weather got better and eventually the sun came out which gave me extra promise .The day finished fish less for me and I did not see any fish move or bubble etc.

The highlight of the day though was the kingfisher that was busily in and out of a nest in th corner bank.Also as I packed away there were three buzzards nover head calling out .A sound and sight that I love .

Theres always tomorrow.


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