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Sunday, 18 April 2010

I arrived at the lake to see Andy set up on Morris's. I quite fancied this peg myself as with the forecast of good weather I felt the fish would move up in to the shallows .

As the peg was taken I dropped in the fallen tree swim .The plan was to fish as far out as i could on to the track .Then I would scatter around 50 baits on to the track in a very spread out manner .Hopefully any carp moving up and down the track would pick up the baits spread out and i would get a take.

The fish were not showing well but I did see one over towards the point which gave me a lift .The other rod was going to be moved around frequently with maggots on the hair and a bag of nash maggi meshed maggots to guard the hook.

After some time there was now Andy ,Roger,Dan and myself on the pool and later Barry the fly dropped in peg one .The only fish caught was a tench by Roger from the island .Around midday Roger dropped in to a swim close by so I popped round for a quick chat and to see the carp that were scattered all around the island cruising just under the surface.There were lots of them and a couple of ghosties as well.

Towards late afternoon I even had a ghostie cruising around under my rod tips almost in a mocking fashion.I am now officially the only carp less angler on the pool and have only managed one tench this year (get the violins out).Still I shall continue in my pursuit of these wily fish.

The place has a real feel to it and i have to keep going back.

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