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Sunday, 11 April 2010


Well just a quick one to say that I went along to the pool today for a short four hour session.The reason I went was to try out some new rods and reels I had scrimped and saved for and practise casting with them.

I had one aborted run which when I reeled in was down to the hook point being masked by a piece of broken boilie .The lake looked really good and the carp were putting on a real show in front of Dan down in the shallows.

It was the first time I'd spoken to Dan and it was great to meet a fellow blogger .Also it was great to see him catch some fish ( he will fill you in im sure ) .I believe that his fish were of great value to him and worth several points ( keith!!!).

Any way it really feels that the pool has sprung in to life now and my fuse is well and truely alight .I feel a few evening sessions will help me along .

Also what a noise one particularly excited dog was making all around the pool you could hear its howl!!!!!!

Tight lines all .

Barry Peck

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