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Saturday, 10 April 2010


Hello all just a quick one to say that i have been for a walk around the pool today and to put some food in.

The pool was alive with fish and particularly the shallows .I had my polaroids with me and saw several nic e carp .Also ghostie of around 10lb and a cracking golden orfe that looked over 2lb.The orfe was flanked by what looked like a chub of around the same size.

When stood on the top of the road bank looking out to the middle of the pool there were lots of fish moving around on the top of the shallow area that runs down the middle .
I reckon its about a ninety yard cast so will be getting out the long range gear for tommorow.

All this activity and not an angler in sight how ironic.

Any way I thought i would post this and give some motivation to you all.


  1. Rog did you do any good today old chap.Dan was well in to the tench and his alarms were constantly going .I think every fish in the lake was in front of him .The carp were boshing out all around the bay.Great to meet Dan as well a down to earth chap and a decent angler as well .Did you see my post on the ghostie and the big orfe and chub .

    All the best