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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

March madness

2lb 14oz of spring tench!!!
Once again today I ventured back to see the mistress.Having been busy at the early part of the week I new there was a lul in work imminent and prayed last night that it would coincide with the predicted warm spring day that was forecast.

Last night I prepared the tackle and bait and had it all ready in the front room.The morning was spent around the house doing various bits of house work. I call it " preparing the case for the defence" thus legitamising my time spent idley by the pool, when really I could of been doing some form of work!!.

11 o'clock came and my work phone lay pleasantly quiet ,so I loaded up the car and headed out through the Warwickshire countryside .The weather was amazing and I had the windows of the car down so as to absorb the maximum aroma that nature had to offer me after what seemed and always does seem a cold suffocating Winter.I arrived at the pool and was the only angler lucky enough to be free of the shackles of work on such a beautiful day .The pool was empty and I scanned the waters surface for signs of anything fishy .I opted to go around to the beach on the far side of the pool away from public and well and truly in to the warming rays of sun .

My plan was to fish both rods on solid pva bags and rove them around the bay .There were signs of fish all day and at one point a group of small commons bustled their way across the swim warming their backs in the sun.

After several very comfortable hours one of the rods was away and I hooked in to what felt like a tench .It zigged and zagged around the swim and gave a very spirited account of its self,unfortunatley the hook pulled and I cursed for all of a second .Never mind bag reloaded and punched out to the bay I leant back to enjoy the pleasant warmth of the day.

It was a day that made you feel truly lucky to be alive. And one that you should grasp with both hands in case of the return of cold weather and low temperatures.As well as seeing several buzzards over head I was amazed to see a red kite circle low over the pond .I have never seen them in Warwickshire before and so felt priviledged to do so .As well as the renewed abundance of wildlife the was also a renewed abundance of lady joggers and summery clad ladies present today .As I admired from a far one particular young lady in a short denim skirt the alarm burst in to life .After a careful fight I was pleased to slip my huge net under a small tench .Another species for the challenge and the perfect end to a wonderful day .I packed up prematurely really and made it home in time to feed the cat put the tea on and retrieve a full line of dry washing .

As I left a very large carp smshed out on to the surface along the no fishing margin of the bay .I could clearly see it was a huge common and was probably also feeling alive again after the clostrophobic cold of winter.

Two sessions ,two runs ,one fish that is the best start I have ever had on Ryton and in March as well.



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