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Thursday, 7 April 2011

April the 1st

Just a quick line to say that I managed an afternoon on April fools day and caught a steady string of tench. The venue again was ryton pool in search of the big carp .The pool was empty and there were a few carp showing however they once again eluded me ,may be I need to try harder!!! I had six tench in a fairly short spell all between 3lb and 4lb 2oz . Two of the 3lbers were grabbed on the way in by an enormous pike certainly over 20lb in weight.The first tench was very damaged and I unhooked it in the water and wished it all the best .The second was only scuffed slightly so I took a picture to show the bite mark of the fearsome beast. All the best Baz 4lb 2oz and my first self take !!! hahaha!!!


  1. Nice to hear you've kickstarted your Tench season Baz.

    I'm still yet to encounter one of the Ryton beasts. If I ever do, I hope it's on Pike gear. I can cope with Jacks snaffling the odd fish, but don't much fancy being attached to a 20lb+ fish by accident!

  2. What a lovely sheen..... on the top of your head! :)

  3. I have a Photoshop filter for that...

  4. Bastards all of you !!!!!

    I may get a camoflague syrup for it hahaha