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Monday, 21 March 2011

Super moon ??

Across the bay (no dogs allowed)

The super moon arrived Saturday night and my other half set about burning sage and various other bizarre things which included me drinking half a glass of spring water that was left out all night shrowded in bits and pieces to attract the moonlight .The moral of the story is "I will try anything once except morris dancing and incest!!" .If it could improve my catch rate it must be worth a try.

My plan for Sunday morning was to head back to the old mistress (ryton park pool).I had been visiting it more and more and as the weather is getting better there are some signs of fish moving.This was compounded on Saturday evening when I saw an angler net a tench.

Full of moon beams I set about getting another carp campaign off the ground .I am trying to stick to two approaches early doors so as not to confuse myself.Out went a chod rig and a solid pva bag .Both cast a fair distance in to the shallow bay area.

To cut a long story short apart from the odd liner the day was fish less much as I expected .However during the morning I was amazed to see at around 60yards out over my bait ,not a carp not a tench but a rhodesian ridge back !!!!!!

The dog was in hot pursuit of the resident phsycotic swan and I watched in awe as he swam and swam after it .Indeeed I even sat back and lit the stove up and made a cup of tea as it continued in its quest.The owner was no where to be seen and the dog had now virtually reached the island which is some distance from the disabled corner where its mission began.The swan which in years gone by had been such a dominant and indeed merciless character now looked bothered.Occasionally the swan would stop and hiss ,but the dog did not flinch .I poured my tea and awaited the arrival of the owner and eventually the shout of "bo bo"! went out. All be it half heartedly .After several more shrieks the dog turned from the front of the isalnd and began to head back towards the sanctuary of my beachy swim .

I was now looking at the dog head on as it majestically swam across the pond like a canine torpedo .Its teeth glinted in the morning sun .The owners calls now became more frequent and high pitched which in turn seemed to stir the dog in to some sort of panic .It was now baring down on my beach and looking very dunkirkesque .The shear size of this creature became evident as it now scrambled in to the shallows staring deep in to my eyes .It was at this point the dog (an estimated 10stones in weight) with a head like an anvil ran towards me ."I broke wind at and froze to the spot!!!! ".At the last minute the dog veared left and up the hill away from me .

THANK GOD !!!!!!

Tight lines


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  1. Classic.

    Weston Lawns have this mad albino great dane who runs around the lakes worrying newbies, but I'll save the stories for later...