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Monday, 15 March 2010

Saturday 13th March

I arrived at the pool to find it flat calm and with the sun rising in to a blue sky i thought it would be as good a time as any to try fishing in to the bay across to the disabled platform.

I set the rods both with chod rigs .One with an 18mm cork ball pop up which was made with the same base mix as the bait i have been trickling in over the past 2 weeks .This was cast into the area in front of the platform.The second rod was again a chod rig and was fished with a smaller bright yellow pop up.This was punched across the bay intent for the tree line .

After 2 hours the cloud began to thicken up and a strong north westerly began smahing in to my peg.The temperature began to fall so i upped sticks and moved around to the point by the island or (terrapin isalnd) as I know it hahaha.I dropped in to peg 6 and began to cast around occasionally covering the area of water in front of me .

At 3:00pm I received a slow continuous run on my right hand rod .After a spirited fight i slipped the net under a 4lb+ tench .It was most welcome on a cold day and looking at my hook hold in its bottom lip I was filled with confidence that my rig was fishing correctly.

I left around 5:00pm as the sky darkened and the wind grew ever stronger.The day was my first on the pool and i left happy to of had a run in what were adverse weather conditions.

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