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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Return to Ryton

After a some what exploratory year on Ryton pool last year .I have now fallen in love with this moody and some times unearthly piece of water .

This year I endeavour to push on with my angling exploits on the pool and am going to keep things as simple and as practical as possible.Being an avid reader and researcher of carp fishing tactics ,bait and behaviour i do some times tend to chop and change my approach too much .

Having fished ryton pool last year with some small battles won I learnt that good watercraft and basic rigs were just as effective as any state of the art rig.

The start of my season on Ryton has been some what hampered by my daughters love of horse riding and my partners love of the allotment (i just do the digging and driving!!!!).How ever I have been spending a lot of time on the pool introducing small amounts of bait to certain areas and looking for signs of fish and wild fowl activity .

Hopefully with this "ere" blog I can learn something myself or assist others with their pursuit of the species .

All the best


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