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Friday, 6 January 2012

Warwickshire whacked

Well a rubbish end to an excellent Christmas for me as I managed to blank for three consecutive mornings on the Avon at Wasperton.

I have now stripped back my gear to fish specifically for chub and keep mobile. I baited several swims along the bend of the BAA stretch and moved stealthily from swim to swim hoping to try and catch a big old chub . Sadly the two blokes who pulled up in the Renault Cleo just slightly down stream did not . Pulling up behind the swims to my left. Radio on doors open and wandering up and down the bank chatting and generally pissing me off. That is the only down side in fishing this stretch in that you can pull your car up behind the swims which straight away creates a shadow on the skyline . I always leave my car at the grassy area by the gate and walk across to the river keeping well back from the bank edge .  Watercraft and general manners doesn't come naturally to everyone though.

Any way moan over and on in to 2012 and hopefully a new bloggers challenge.

Barry Peck

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  1. Encountering Nuggets on the bank is a real downer, unfortunately there seems to be more and more of them about these days.

    Good luck to you for 2012 anyway Baz