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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Stolen afternoon

I had a few hours spare after dinner today and so decided to grab my chub bag. I also some left over liquidised bread and half an ageing loaf!!

I couldnt think of an out and out chub venue off the top of my head and so decided it would be fun to tackle the jungle of the upper leam at cubbington.I have only fished it once before but the water was very low and so it fished very hard .My reasoning for picking this stretch was simply because i remembered back to one summer walking along there and spoting 3 very large chub .Also this stretch looks very chubby with lots of rafts and features etc.

I set up the rod at the van and made my way to the nearest swim to the layby to start.The swim has a deepish inside bend and I couldnt see the bottom through the healthy green tinge .I had set up with a tiny cage feeder and a fourteen hook .Not really chub gear but I wanted a light approach to get bites to start with and then would step up if needed.

I flicked the feeder out midstream and sat back to tighten the the line gently .As I wound downthe slack the rod tip rattled and shot round ,I struck and hooked a fish which duely parted and sent a bow wave across the surface .Not to be undone I rebaited and recast ,again the tip rattled and and shot round .I felt the fish kick and steadily wound it upstream towards me ,it felt like a small chub but I then did a second take and noticed a nice sized roach .On the scales it went 12oz and my day was made already as it had doubled my roach percentage .

After doing the weighing and photos etc I recast and caught several smaller roach until a jack pike emerged and began regularly following my feeder in .

I went on to fish several more swims along the stretch and received lots of bites but failed to connect .In all the afternoon was a real joy and the birds were in fine tune as well as warm conditions .


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  1. Nice work Bazal.

    I love days like that. If you leave your great expectations at home then you can't fail to enjoy yourself.