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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Angler Saxon

December 31st 2010
I returned to the Mill today with renewed enthusiasm.Over night I had made up some green lip muscle flavoured sausage meat paste ,re spooled my reel with 6lb line and stepped up my rod to a quiver tip barbel rod to cope with the extra flow.
I started in the swim in the photo and as you can see it looked perfect .It was pacey had lots of features and I was able to sit in amongst the undergrowth very low to the water.
Unfortunatley the swim failed to produce even a rattle of the tip .I went on to fish another 5 swims along the length all equally as promising but the bites failed to materialise.
I fished all the swims for a good half hour and before I moved on I tried a lobworm in each of them.I have always caught here on worms but even that failed to coax a take.
To be honest the day was very enjoyable and I was wrapped snuggly up in thermal clothing and boots and matching olive green balaclava ,like some kind of chub fishing sex gimp!!!!
I was amazed at just how close wildlife came to me including the most timid of birds the little grebe (dab chick).
I would love to know how the snow melt and saline content in the water was affecting the fish's behaviour.On leaving I spoke to a roving lure fishing pike angler who said he had not had a fish for 2 dyas and he usaully gaurentees 2-3 pike per session.
I will return over the next few days.

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