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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Last but not least

At last I am back amongst the flock and can compose a few words .

Due to computer problems I have not been able to post any of my adventures over the past 7/8 months.I have been out and about fishing and have been monitoring all of your exploits from my work pc .

It seems that you have all been fishing very well and that a community is well and truly forming which is fantastic .

Over the xmas holidays I will learn to podst up my pictures along with venues and dates and try and establish communication with you all .

I would also like to look in to giving the fishing points challenge thing you participate in a go.

All the best for now and a merry xmas to you all.

Barry Peck


  1. Welcome back to the Wark's Angling blogosphere Barry.


  2. Good to hear from you Baz, Andy

  3. Do yo fancy joining us in the '% of record weight' competition next year Barry?

    Email me from my profile if so.